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More Ways to Give

Give the gift of a food bundle! For 116GBP you can provide food for a entire family for a whole month! Your donation will ensure that a family with 2–3 children, that doesn’t have enough income to cover their basic food needs, is provided for.
With your gift of 29GBP, you will support a child to receive horsemanship training for a whole month! Your donation will enable a child who lives in an orphanage to get out of his/her current environment and to come to the Wild Horse Farm for 1–2 days per week , for a whole month.
With your gift of 76GPB, you will ensure the well being of a horse, which includes all necessary care for a whole month. This horse will help bring joy to the heart and spirit of broken children.
With the gift of 2 chickens for 29GBP, you will help a family in poverty get a regular source of protein. Receiving egg-laying chickens has an immediate effect on the health of a family.


If you are a UK taxpayer and would like to receive at tax receipt, you can give through one of the following options:

Mail in Donations

By Cheque or Money Order

(Payable in GBP) to:
Horses For Orphans
64 Dunval Road
Bridgnorth, WV16 4NB
United Kingdom

Bank Wire Transfer

Email us at: [email protected]

Wire transfers may be made from almost any country in the world to the Horses For Orphans. We will email instructions upon request. For security reasons we cannot include wire transfer instructions here. You will receive a receipt by either post mail or email.


For those interested in giving a donation through PayPal please click the “donate” button.

One time


Foreign Tax Receipts

United States

Our friends in the United States can receive a tax receipt by donating through


Germans may receive a tax receipt for donations sent through:

VR Bank Gladenbach
Verein: Gute Nachricht
Konto: 90360000
BLZ: 51762434
Zweck: Horses for Orphans

All Other Countries

All other countries can support Horses For Orphans by Paypal or bank wire transfer.

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