Horses for Orphans is raising funds to drill a new water well and build two new water towers on the Wild Horse Farm. There are currently two wells on the property. One is deep enough to supply the top two houses with water for drinking, cooking, showering and toilets, but the tank is too small to hold enough water for a whole day. We also use this well to water the garden where we grow vegetables for everyone living on the farm. The second well is shallow and the water has soil in it, so it is not suitable for human consumption. This well is located near the third house and the stables and we use it to shower, fill up the water troughs for the horses and water the middle pasture. If the power goes out, which happens regularly, then we run out of water in less than a day.

Funding Goal : £ 3,600


Amount Raised : £ 0

Description : WATER TOWERS

Our first well has a good supply of water and our pump is functioning well, but our tank is old and much too small for the amount of water that we need per day. We also regularly have to climb up the metal construction on the right of the tower to clean it out, as dirt and even rats can fall into it.

Our second well, located a few meters from the third house, is shallow and we can only draw water from it for a short time, not even enough to fill the small water trough on the tower near bye. We need to either enlarge the current well or drill a new and deeper one to be able to supply water for the third house, the horses and the grass around the stables. We also would like to have enough water to wash the horses by the stables. At the moment, we need to bring the horses up to the main house and wash them there.

A horse drinks between 10-20 gallons of water on a hot day and we currently have 8 horses on the property. We would love to have a water towers that can hold water for every person, horse and other animal for 3 days in case of a power cut.

Here you can see images from the water tower near the third house as well as the pump house near by.

Here you can see the kind of tower we would like to build by our main houses as well as near the third house and the stables.

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