Help keep our daily operations running. Farm supplies need hauling, building materials need to be brought in, and our horse trailer needs to be pulled. Horses for Orphans is asking for your help to raise funds for a truck that can handle these loads. Particularly, we need a farm truck that allows us to take our best horses to local orphanages – to give children who don’t have the opportunity to come to Wild Horse Farm a chance to see what the project is all about. These children hear testimonies from our older boys on how their lives were changed by the love of God, and they see the relationship the older boys have with the horses – all while watching a fun horsemanship presentation. Your donation will help us keep the farm running, and give orphans the opportunity to interact with a horse, and see life beyond orphanage walls.

Funding Goal : £ 20,000


Amount Raised : £ 0


The roads in Brazil are extremely rough, which means that a good quality vehicle is essential. We have been driving a small Fiat, to take the boys to school, and to shop for food. This car was able to pull a small trailer to transport farm supplies, but recently it had another major breakdown and is close to the end of its life.

The photo gallery below shows examples of the type of vehicle we are looking for. This is a friend’s truck that we have been borrowing every time we need to transport the horses. The trailer is a Brazilian horse trailer that is just about big enough for one horse. We have been renting this trailer for the days we needed it.

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