Yankee is a pure bred Arabian Gelding with a deep connection to us.

Yankee was born in 2004. A pure bred Arabian, he was bred for Endurance racing. After several years of competing, he got colic and had to be operated. He was retired after that and turned out into a field with Alegria and Simba. These are the only two horses he was able to be with, toward everyone else he showed a high level of aggression. Yankee came to us in 2015 on the same day as Alegria. We spent the first few months helping him to relax in all gates on the ground, before we started riding him. Yankee is super connected, has a great draw and is our highest level horse. His liberty is excellent alone and with up to 5 horses, he loves to be ridden bareback and bridle-less and his favourite it Roman riding. He has a great lay down, and he can sit easily. Yankee also enjoys hacking out and galloping flat out. He is the absolute favourite of the kids and our safest ride.

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