Mail in Donations

By Cheque or Money Order

United States

(Payable in USD to Horses For Orphans US) to:
Horses for Orphans US
1730 Sutherland Lane
Corvallis MT 59828

United Kingdom

(Payable in GBP to Horses For Orphans) to:
Horses For Orphans
64 Dunval Road
Bridgnorth, WV16 4NB

All other countries can support Horse For Orphans by Paypal or bank wire transfer.

Bank Wire Transfer

Email us at:

Wire transfers may be made from almost any country in the world to the Horses For Orphans. We will email instructions upon request. For security reasons we cannot include wire transfer instructions here. You will receive a receipt by either post mail or email.

PayPal Donation

For those interested in giving a donation through PayPal please click the "donate" button.